The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.

BIODIVERSITY LOSS  (& The Future of Planet Earth)

PREAMBLE: Are we (humans) as a species progressively & statistically destroying our own home (The Planet Earth)? … & starting with “lesser” species all life on it? … & as a result of this process endangering the very existence of absolutely everything (ALL races, religions, nationalities, loved ones & families & even our entire planet) … because of this massive vandalism of our own “inheritance” … & are we NOW inviting intervention because of our selfish, illogical & progressively self destructive actions from an intergalactic source???

1.) In 2010 20% of the world’s 25,000 species are now threatened with extinction.

2.) Species are now dying out 1,000 times faster than at any time in human history;

3.) 75 % of crop diversity was lost between 1900-2000 because of human actions.

4.) 12% of birds, 21% of mammals & 30% of amphibians are now under threat.

5.) Each year 300,000 marine mammals are caught “accidentally” (known as bycatch).

6.) In total 40 million tonnes of these “accidents” (jellyfish, plankton etc) are caught.

7.) Every year a “green” area the size of England is destroyed (deforestation).

8.) During the last 30 years there has been a 29% decline in all freshwater wildlife.


Warm-water coral has been reduced by over 30% since 1980 (global warming).

10.)The UN now reports that we are destroying three species every hour. .

11.) Wild species are now becoming extinct at about 1,000 times the natural rate.

12.) Biologists report species destruction only previously achieved by asteroid impacts.

13.) Science reports “Current speed of global warming is fastest in a million years“..


(See also: “Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Ploanet Earth” page on this site)


Buddhist icons , Natural Symbolism & Unknown Mysticism are all combined in this photo .... symbolizing our various religious beliefs, our responsibility of care for the environment entrusted to us, & our relative total ignorance of the galaxies & universes of space, time & unknown elements that surround our fragile existence ... We (the human race) are (despite our illusions of grandeur) surely only the humblest of bugs under the smallest of rocks ... waiting to be either stepped on, or accepted as a worthy student ... Let us be as sure as we possibly can that it is the latter when the time comes .... As it surely will.


*BABIES: How to choose the sex of yours BEFORE conception. .... Page 116 (of about 204 other pregnancy entries).

*CHARACTER .... Analysis from external signs .... Pick brave, calm, trustworthy, intellegence etc, instantly. Page 55.

*DIAGNOSIS of multiple ailments (cause & remedy) e.g. HAIR: about 61 entries .... NAILS: about 80 entries .... EYES: about 196 enties .... SKIN: about 269 enties.

*FLEXIBILITY & BREATHING are a mirror of our health .... Study with the Short Monk for multiple & varied benefits.


*GRANDPARENTS, we owe ALL to you .... Please accept about 1.164 "Self Help" age entries specifically for you.

*KIDS U R OUR FUTURE .... So this Art has TONS 4 U (Jokes, Games, Magic, Heroes ... & Bad Guys who get it - "GKAHHHH!")

*LADIES OF ALL AGES treasure abour 1,126 vital female entries (e.g. How to choose "Ideal Lovers" .... Page 61).

*LONGEVITY .... Ancirnt Chinese secrets & modern science combined give "The Best 100 Step Longevity Plan" ever.


*MARTIAL ARTISTS feature heavily in this powerful work.... Multiple forms in crystal clear format by past masters.

*MEN balance your masculinity to an ultimate degree with about 1,024 seperate skills concisely detailed.

*PHYSICIANS & students of health consult on ALL ailments. A VAST yet compact & explicit work with lightning access.

*SAILOR'S ARTS from across Asia in rapid access sections .... LOTS of drawings , funny, valuable, unique.


*SEXUALITY is a vital part of our being .... About 320 "Self Help" entries .... Many valuable trans cultural secrets ....

*STREETWISE: "How to deal with Bullies & Bandits" .... The finest all ages guide ever by Mistress Woo Chin.

*SURVIVAL is a basic skill of life (like CPR) .... Power Cut to Nuclear in any climate .... It's here.

*TRAVELLERS .... This work is yours, ANY jouney, ANY where, ANY time .... Unbelievably old .... Eternally valid. 


The Art Of Shen Ku contains:  






Guardian Angel Spirit on Guard (A Thai Spiritual Lion named Sing Toe) adorned with Buddhist Icons .... In Northern Thailand (where Big Gym City is located) …. There is belief in "Animism" which is that things (such as trees, rivers, stones & even plants [such asAloe Vera]) have living souls .... It is a belief in a spiritual presense,  worthy of respect (& sometimes fear) .... That is why you will often see the trunks of old trees encircled with orange or red/brown cloth sashes .... Even if you do not believe in such traditions, definately better not to laugh (or scoff) at such 2,500+ year old beliefs ... Just remember that every "sensible" person  once knew the world was flat .... Thank You Zeek.


These are the 4 iconic representitive characters who have kindly demonstrated the 4 Logics of The First Intergalactic Artform of The Entire Universe in the categories of The Traveller, The Physician, The Sailor & The Martial Artist .... Thank You All Very Much from Zeek


All artwork , research & relevant text on this site is © (copyright) Zeek 1999-2012 all rights reserved (except a few images from Googles[please see note in Footer])  .... BUT there are 4 sections which are available to webmasters to copy, paste & display (subject to 3 simple conditions below/or on that page) .... they are:-

1.) ****INTERGALACTIC ART & THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET EARTH 10/10/10**** .... A vital report on the exponentially precarious status of this planet & ALL life that currently inhabit it ... Absolutely & devastatingly relevant to ALL races, ages, religions, cultures, countries & other life (of whatever form) currently on this planet (available subject to the 3 conditions below or on that page)....

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2.) ****EMERGENCY CPR PAGES**** (Illustrated Emergency Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation & Heart Massage) .... Reputed to be THE best such "Simple, Clear & Study Friendly (even kids will learn it)" emergency pages on the internet of this planet of which use is offered by Zeek (as a public emergency service) subject to the 3 simple conditions below or on that page) ....

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3.) ****THE PRECIOUS RING**** .... A Mystical Self Improvement Classic suitable for ALL ages & ALL situations, researched, written & illustrated (from life) mainly in the Golden Triangle of Far North Thailand (about 1982 by Zeek) & offered to anyone who might benefit from it …. & work out the code YOURSELF (subject to the 3 conditions below)....

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4.) ****FANCYWORK FOR SAILORS**** An Artistic & Valuable "How to" Double Page which is useful & enjoyable to “Arm Chair” sailors (of any age) & potentially vital for “Bosun’s Chair” sailors .... This work is specifically offered by Zeek in respectful recognition of our intrepid sailors (of ALL races & nationalities) from across our mutual history, who explored the "inner space" of this planet, over hundreds (& thousands) of years (& frequently died doing it) …. (available subject to the 3 conditions below or on that page)....

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The 4 works above are offered by Zeek (in his words) on behalf of "ALL life in ANY galaxy suffering from illness, persecution, circumstance or despair .... THIS WORK IS FOR YOU .... DON'T GIVE UP" .... They are available to any webmaster who can (subject to the 3 simple conditions below) copy & paste (& display) one or more on your site for your customers use, providing .... 1.) You read & agree your use & site reasonably comply with the "ETHICS" note in the footer of this (& every) page & .... 2.) You place a backlink (example on relevant page) on your site WITH the legally available page(s) that you copy/paste & display, this being your contribution towards Zeek's modest efforts (which in turn are for the benefit of our species & this planet) & .... 3.) Please mark it "Legal Page Copy" (example on relevant page) in the title text .... Thank You VERY much Signed Zeek


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SYMPTOM(S) & INDICATION(S) OF NAIL AILMENTS (This is a sample from Page 200 in The Pysician's Section of The Art oif Shen Ku) .... This is a part view of the page).


  • Nails with white flecks on them ...
  • Nails with longitudinal ridges on them ...
  • All about half moons on your nails ....
  • Nails with lateral ridges on them ...
  • Nails that are split & peeling ...
  • Nails that are concave or "spoon" nails ...
  • Nails with thick cuticles ...
  • Nails that are convex or rounded ...

All of these specific subjects (& more) on this vital & universally relevant subject (from page 200 [part view]) in The Physician Section of The Art of Shen Ku ....

(All art, research & text © copyright] Zeek 1999 all rights reserved)


Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... (Credits page from Original [now rare]Edition)

             THE ULTIMATE TRAVELLERS GUIDE (original credits)

* HUMOUR IS A PRINCE in this Artform because happiness is more valuable than gold.                                               
HEALTH IS A PRINCESS in this Artform because responsibility is an honour most missed if it goes.
* PHILOSOPHY IS A KING in this Artform because the world is not flat nor are we alone in it's time.
* IMAGINATION IS A QUEEN in this Artform because without it our dreams cannot ever come true.


A TRAVELLERS CONCISE GUIDE TO YOGA POSTURES (extract illustration from page 214) showing: Three Valuable Sitting Postures .... A=Spinal Twist (comprehensive stretch & flexibility posture with many other benefits [including abdominal organs]).... B=Cow Streetch (stretch & flexibility [for arms & shoulders] & alternate crossed feet for: Fits, Cramps, Abdominal Pains, Middle Back Pain, Circulation, Vertigo & Madness) .... C=Lotus (mainly a meditation posture [needs a lot of practice to assume it without discomfort, but go to Asia & see it done so easily ... if your knee joints hurt do it every 2nd day] .... Also very beneficial for general health [reduces leg blood staganation, good for posture of back & neck, holds stomach in a relaxed & beneficial position).  


Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" ....

(Foreword & Dedication) 

GREETINGS FELLOW TRAVELLER be your journey to the supermarket on a bicycle or another galaxy by starship. Each must start with a single step & embark on that uncertain road that is life. A toast to you who did not hide in some dark room waiting for death, but dared to set forth & face the unknown. Without such as you Magellan would not have reached Cape Horn nor Columbus the New World.


 8 KICK ZONES & 16 DEVASTATING KICKS (this is a part view of page 237) .... Showing: 1.) A Front Snap Kick 2.) A Back Snap Kick & 3.) An Inside Crescent Kick.

HOW TO EXECUTE KUNG FU KICKS demonstrated by Woo Chin ... Don't forget that knowledge of martial art techniques carry moral & legal responsibilities 1.) Never strike the first blow (unless threatened with a weopon) .... 2.) Don't use excessive force .... 3.) Stop when out of danger .... 4.)  Temper & martial arts are incompatible. (illustration extract from page 237 [part view of page])


Now published in New York. NY by Penguin Putnam, & represented in California by  Margaret McBride Literary Agency & sold internationally by various prestigeous companies(Thank You Guys.... Very much appreciated ....Signed Zeek)....All artwork & text still copyright Zeek 1999


“The Art of Shen Ku"(&/or Zeek) has been privileged to have been featured in various internationally admired magazines & newspapers such as (but not limited to):-

*A near full page unsolicited feature article in America’s most prestigious broadsheet THE WASHINGTON POST on the USA’s most prestigious National Day (Independence Day [2002]). (see below)

*A full feature technical article in Australia’s “POWERBOAT & YACHTING (see below)

*A full unsolicited feature article in the internationally renowned PHUKET GAZETTE (The premier newspaper in Thailand's Premier Resort). (see below)

*Multi series in the “MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS“.

*A full unsolicited feature article in the UK’s very prestigious TRAVEL & LEISURE MAGAZINE.

*A multi full page, multi edition series from “The Art of Shen Ku” in possibly the worlds most famous martial arts magazine COMBAT .

*& many more scattered across the world in far flung places such as La Reunion, The Virgin Islands, Tahiti, South Africa, Mauritius & many more (most stuck in storage at present in Thailand [or lost for ever])

Zeek would like to thank the publishers & staff (& readers) of these many fine & internationally respected publications for their kind interest in his modest work ….

Thank You Guys, Very Much. 


HOW TO TIE A DRESS TIE KNOT (illustration extract from page 185 in The Sailor's Section of The Art of Shern Ku)

"CAN YOU TIE A DRESS TIE KNOT YET SON?" ... Ah Mom, I'm 18 already & I'm gonna wear this tie from Bora Bora to Grandma's house, so there! ... Oh Darling please wear your nice "Old School Tie" ... "Ah Mom please, I'll look like a cissy ... must I wear that kid's tie again?" ((from page 185)



A VOYAGER'S SIMPLE & HEALTHY WHOLE FOOD RECIPES (being a traveller's choice of easy to prepare & nutritious dishes) .... "Wholefood" broadly refers to unprocessed naturally grown foods such as are often eaten in rural/farming communities (in any country) .... In this illustrated extract from page 171 are:- PUMPKIN SOUP (one of Zeek's favourites with Cayenne Pepper), BAKED GRAPEFRUIT & ROAST CASHEWS (great on your health conscious guest's sidetable with his/her glass of pure tomato juice with a dash of cider vinegar in it (marvellous alkaline health drink [try it in the middle of the night if you can't sleep with a small portion of fish or steamed chicken] ) .... Works for me every time!)



(Relating to The Art of Shen Ku by Zeek)


THE WASHINGTON POST .... Why did THE most prestigious newspaper in the USA .... on THE most reveered national day (4th of July) in the USA  .... in THE world's most powerful economic & military country, publish (unsolicited) & send a photographer on a specific mission to record the rebirth (from the year 2000) of "The Art of Shen Ku"  by the only modesty talented artist/researcher & intergalactic dropout, Zeek? .... The answer is simple, it is because a person or persons in that publication had the foresight to not only recognize our mutual values of freedom & "outrageous" inovation of logic BUT to have the courage to record it *the image above is a part view of the full feature).