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                 This page dedicated to EVERY citizen of  EVERY country on this planet (Earth, Milky Way Galaxy) ... who has ever been "roughed up", cheated, abused, persecuted, &/or worse by their OWN government &/or "rulers" (by whatever name) ... who then  DEFAULT on due reparation & restitution owed because of their own gross hypocrisy, negligence, moral injustice, greed, incompetence &/or more to the victim(s) ... The modest but well researched & witnessed example at left is to demonstrate (to FAR worse cases existing worldwide e.g. “Arab Spring” 2011) ...  that you are NOT alone .... & I Zeek hope & trust you will continue to stand for the morally obvious & self evident principles of “right & wrong” which traverse ALL borders, cultures (& logically universes) ... Therefore, NO matter how powerful &/or entrenched the perpetrators might be (school bully or intergalactic dictator) ...




          Hypocrisy is the state of pretending &/or wilfully attempting to deceive (an)other living being(s) that the hypocritical party has (usually) humane, virtuous, moral,  compassionate ethics &/or worthy religious principles that said party does not have or by evidence abide by.

          Hypocrisy can take many diverse forms, including immorality, elitism, fraud, discrimination & psychological &/or physical persecution of other living beings by single entities, religions, groups/companies, police/military, governments/monarchies &/or lackey designees thereof.



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 4.) a.) Why, when the catastrophic sight loss situation (courtesy UK government) was  taken to “TOP” eye specialists, was the child told (unanimously) “TOTAL SIGHT LOSS  INEVITABLE in less than 2 years, sooner if sedentary lifestyle not adopted???” Leaving the (ANY) child under serious pressure of every kind ... & as ZERO constructive aid WHATEOEVER was forthcoming from the UK government ... the child was  “forced” to laboriously investigate (no internet 1950-90]) the situation ALONE ... whilst the UK government (& “establishment”) “Hid behind the sofa like a bunch of immoral back stabbing cowards” ... Just HOW hypocritical is it possible to be??? ... Use the parents, putting them in serious harms way (in the name of “king & country”)  while trashing the life & health of their only child behind their back ?????

     & b.) Further, WHY did the UK government then, totally ignoring the welfare of the same child that they had seriously” damaged“ (by neglect & incompetence) ... “conspire” with the Australian government to “deport” the child [see #5 below]) ... circumstantially forcing the “damaged” youth into an even more precarious circumstances in a semi hostile & unstable environment (Australian outback)...  BUT (despite all past & present attempts by the UK government  to “sweep under the carpet” their “dirty” handiwork, the young man eventually discovered, 100% CONCLUSIVELY that the original “top” specialists (& school doctor[s]) were ALL, that’s ALL COMPLETELY WRONG (& [in company with the UK government] grossly in breach of even the remotest semblance of any “duty of care” or “SOCIAL JUSTICE???

·       Effort by UK gov. to prevent & rectify serious injury resulting from UK gov. neglect: ZERO

·       Remuneration for gross incompetence of UK gov. incurred serious avoidable injury: ZERO

·       Follow-up checks by UK gov. of a seriously injury (UK gov. inflicted) to a UK child: ZERO

·       Cowardly & immoral avoidance of blame by UK government & “establishment” : 100%


 Where is there anySOCIAL JUSTICE” in this #4 situation & what is the UK government going to do about it? ... I am politely asking you, The Right Honourable Iain Duncan Smith MP – Secretary of State for Work and Pensions  ... Thank You.


1.)   So why was this then NOW seriously physically damaged & psychologically traumatised child (both unnecessary disabilities (caused by the UK government’s gross failure of care ) then “scammed” by the UK/Australian government “cartel” (in the worst traditions of the Medellín Drug Cartel) & shipped off to the outback of Australia (Web extract: “Gordon Brown to offer  formal apology to tens of thousands of British children forcibly sent to Australia during the last century, many of whom faced abuse and a regime of unpaid labour rather than the better life they were promised.”) .

·       Explananation by UK gov. why disabled UK child “scammed” to outback of Australia: ZERO

·       Formal apology from UK or Australia governments for “scamming” UK minors (kids): ZERO

·       Follow-up checks of ANY kind by UK/Aust governments. of a UK “at risk” child: ZERO

·       Compensation to victims for DISGRACEFUL “inter government “child trafficking”: ZERO



Where is there anySOCIAL JUSTICE” in this #4 situation & what is the UK government going to do about it? ... I am politely asking you, The Right Honourable Iain Duncan Smith MP – Secretary of State for Work and Pensions  ... Thank You.









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2nd Section: Recent Events Summary (in question format)


6.)  Returning most recently to the UK on 14th Feb 2010 having never claimed any “state handouts”  (apart from child benefit [single parent of 2 mixed race kids for 7 yrs]) my entire adult life (despite serious UK government caused handicaps as per 1-5 above)... Here is a brief summary of the attitudes I have so far encountered from the same UK government that caused my disability.

a.) UK Government Prejudice: “You’re not from round here are you?” or similar frequent introductory questioning line (despite being Manchester born of UK Army parents with a 1,000 yr UK history) ...


b.) UK Government Inefficiency:   (Example #1) I was asked to provide the same document (US book royalties [about £500]) on 6 different occasions, by 6 UK government departments becos they had either lost those already provided or had no liaison with other departments, finally I had to hand deliver the 7th copy to a government Job Centre in Truro, Cornwall ... WHO is paying for such GROSS inefficiencies, paper shuffling, letter writing & filing mistakes, call centres, telephone calls etc by at least 7 UK government employees, on 7 different computers, in 7 different offices all of which is the 5 minute job of ONE person??? ... Is it any wonder the UK is in debt ???


             (Example #2) After the UK/ Australian governments ”scammed” me (& many other KIDS [see #5 above]) ... but in my case already a  disabled child victim of the UK government’s GROSS incompetence  (see #4 above) ... & sent me to the Australian outback (“Get that “damaged” kid out of the way”) ... I worked hard (to survive) & paid all Australian taxes) for over 6 years (4 with the Australian government) & am thus due a small pension (now 66yrs old)

           BUT the UK & Australian governments are not yet finished scamming “damaged” kids & disabled pensioners, & sent me a “torture test”  17 part “trick” questionnaire (see #7 below) (with MULTIPLE factual errors) ... saying that my Australian pension was cancelled “because they had changed the rules &  I was currently in Thailand” ... WHAT  kind of nonsense discriminatory  scam is this??? ... Or are we actually dealing with a pair of card sharp cheats here? (my opinion)


7.) Iain, I wrote you (& the DWP)  a letter (REGISTERED receipt copy enclosed) with all appropriate copies of relevant texts on  01 Jan. 2012, concerning the use of “Loaded Questioning” by the UK government (in this case by The Department of Works & Pensions (which you are the head of) & to which (typically) I have not received an answer (either from you (Iain) or your DWP employees)

         A Web Definition for Loaded Questioning is: “A loaded question is a question which contains a controversial assumption, such as presumption of guilt. Such questions are used rhetorically, so that the question limits direct replies to be those that serve the questioner’s agenda. (The traditional example is the question “Have you stopped beating your wife?”) ... Whether the respondent answers yes or no, he will admit to having a wife, & having beaten her. Thus, the facts are presupposed by the question & is an entrapment, because the respondent is limited to a single answer,  Loaded questions assume the truth of unproven facts, & are prohibited & unlawful ...

         MY QUESTION IS  FOR THE 3rd TIME IS: “Are loaded questions (Guantanamo Bay style) legally used on disadvantaged & registered disabled pensioners by the British  government employees in the UK ???????... WOULD YOU PLEASE ANSWER THIS ... Thank you very much.





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Very Many Thanks Iain for your time & consideration of:

 a morally disgusting catalogue of British Shame encompassing factually verifiable:

·       Gross incompetence by the UK government & British National Health Service.

·       Gross Failure of Care of a UK child by UK government, NHS & British Army.

·       Gross Exploitation of a UK disabled child by the UK & Australian governments.

·       Despicable Back Stabbing of it’s OWN soldiers by UK gov. & UK “Establishment”

·       Gross Disregard of Human Rights of UK child by UK & Australian governments

·       TOTAL Failure of “SOCIAL JUSTICE” by the UK gov. of a UK child it “damaged”


PS: Iain, most of the scenario above was before your time ...  BUT the new captain (you) of an old ship (UK government [DWP]) must accept both the shining varnish & THE ROTTEN PLANKS.

             I am currently not  able to give my full attention in pursuit of this blatantly clear contradiction of ANY semblance of   “SOCIAL JUSTICE” (1-7 above)  by the British government  ... becos of  temporary obligatory circumstantial responsibilities in Thailand ...  BUT as soon as these are concluded,  I will return immediately to my home (Cornwall, UK) & devote (as a matter of ethical principle) far more effort in pursuing  full  reparation for the “sins” (rotten planks) quite clearly visited on me from early childhood by the British government.

           A Google search shows 408,000,000 sites for  “Courts of Human Rights” which I will methodically proceed to access naming (where appropriate) the British government as the “perpetrator” (by gross & wilful neglect) & publish (where appropriate) any progress &/or hypocritical hindrance accordingly.


Very Many Thanks for your consideration of this British government parallel to the current Syrian regime’s massacre of it’s own people...

which In both cases exhibit:

 a.) Abuse of power: Exploitation & neglect of  it’s own citizens with callous & immoral manipulation of even children [as it this case] ) ...

 b.) Abuse of “legal” system: Instigation of “laws of convenience” made-up specifically to” cover-up” &  avoid responsibility for past moral atrocities, even when the victims are still alive.

c.) Deliberate delay tactics: bumbling “pass the buck” failure to face up to current & past “abuse of power” events as per recent examples of not only Bashar al-Assad of Syria, but also Saddam Hussein of Iraq & Muammar Gaddafi of Lybia ... all hypocritcaly condemmed by the British government ... A classic example of “The pot calling the kettle black”  ... Or being guilty of the very thing of which they accuse anothers.


  Signed ***** *****


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