Note from Zeek:

                 This page dedicated to EVERY citizen of  EVERY country on this planet (Earth, Milky Way Galaxy) ... who has ever been "roughed up", cheated, abused, persecuted, &/or worse by their OWN government &/or "rulers" (by whatever name) ... who then  DEFAULT on due reparation & restitution owed because of their own gross hypocrisy, negligence, moral injustice, greed, incompetence &/or more to the victim(s) ... The modest but well researched & witnessed example at left is to demonstrate (to FAR worse cases existing worldwide e.g. “Arab Spring” 2011) ...  that you are NOT alone .... & I Zeek hope & trust you will continue to stand for the morally obvious & self evident principles of “right & wrong” which traverse ALL borders, cultures (& logically universes) ... Therefore, NO matter how powerful &/or entrenched the perpetrators might be (school bully or intergalactic dictator) ...


1.) REGISTERED RECEIPT of letter sent 4th July 2011 to:
Her Majesty The Queen,
Buckingham Palace,
London, England SW1A-1AA

2.) REGISTERED RECEIPT of letter sent 4th July 2011 to:
David Cameron (UK Prime Minister),
10, Downing Street,
London, England

3.) REGISTERED RECEIPT of letter sent 4th July 2011 to:
Nick Clegg (UK Deputy Prime Minister),
House of Coimmons, London, England SW1A-0AA

4.) REGISTERED RECEIPT of letter sent 4th July 2011to:
Ed Mililband (Leader of UK Labour Party),
House of Commons, London, England SW1A-0AA




          Hypocrisy is the state of pretending &/or wilfully attempting to deceive (an)other living being(s) that the hypocritical party has (usually) humane, virtuous, moral,  compassionate ethics &/or worthy religious principles that said party does not have or by evidence abide by.

          Hypocrisy can take many diverse forms, including immorality, elitism, fraud, discrimination & psychological &/or physical persecution of other living beings by single entities, religions, groups/companies, police/military, governments/monarchies &/or lackey designees thereof.


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4th of July 2011 Registered letter sent to:

*   Queen Elizabeth 2nd of England ... NO REPLY RECEIVED ... WHY NOT???

*  David Cameron, UK Prime Minister ... NO REPLY RECEIVED ... WHY NOT???

* Nick Clegg, Deputy UK Prime Minister ... NO REPLY RECEIVED WHY NOT???

* Ed Miliband, Leader of UK Oppositition ... NO REPLY RECEIVED ... WHY NOT???

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To: Her Majesty The Queen,                                                  From: ***** *****,

Buckingham Palace,                                                       *** *** ****,security blank, ** *,

     London,                                                               **** **** ****, Amphur Muang,     

   England SW1A 1AA                                         Udon Thani Province, 41000 Thailand    

cc. David Cameron,                                                             Tel: 042-123075 or 042-123076            

10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA                    Mobile: 086-7155797 or 086-2316720                      

. cc. Nick Clegg,                                                                                                        Internet: www.**********.com             

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA                                  *********        

cc Ed Miliband                                                              

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA                             **************       

Nat. Ins# WB ... (security)    NHS# 442 ... (security)     Date: 4th July 2011


Your Majesty,

            I am sorry to trouble you & I hope this letter finds you & your family in good health ... I will be as brief as possible as I am sure you are very busy.

          The letter is addressed to you personally because in the true mode of defaulters of moral & financial debt,(in this case the UK government) acquisition of a just & morally valid response is almost  impossible to  achieve without outside pressure.

           The matter in question is a sequence of outrageously inept & morally illegitimate events perpetrated via a chain of command descending directly from the top of the UK government, & It took me (personally) several decades to conclusively isolate blame because of circumstantial obstacles.

           At no time in this case has the perpetrator (UK government), despite being conclusively morally, & almost certainly legally responsible ever made ANY attempt to offer any apology, remedial action &/or compensation for a truly disgraceful catalogue of inept & immoral bundling of the very first order.

          I will summarize events in an abbreviated list below (most details from memory, but ALL basically factually correct & verifiable).


1.) 1952 me(7) center ... What  in God’s name are these 2 kids doing in this African Ghetto???


2.)  My Father, your very loyal soldier & World War 2 Vet

3.) Capt. R. J. Dolby pre Biafran War (1-3 million deaths) Nigerian Independ-ence. Last white officer to leave this sinking ship, representing the Queen & the British people in a very dangerous situation, paid for by his son, (me) .............................................................

4.) King George 6th to Captain R J Dolby

5.) Queen Eliz. 2nd to Captain R J. Dolby.

 6.) My Mother, your loyal soldier & World War 2 Veteran.

7.) Lighthouse Beach, Nigeria, isolated wild  beach in pre savage Biafran War (1-3 million) death country ... What, in God's name is a UK child doing here ALONE??? ............................................................

8.) 2011 what’s left of me at 65 no help from UK government.

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9.) From a very early age (1.) I was a dependant child of UK Military parents (2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)... compulsorily & continuously “shuffled” (location/school/country/tutor/host family etc), by the UK government, resulting in an almost total ruin of any systematic education... UK gov. dereliction of moral & legal duty of care.

10.) Because of the resulting almost total loss of education/career potential (e.g. older half brother full colonel ex Sandhurst /Cambridge) ... I was sent to a boarding school (Hardys of Dorchester) from where I was also sent (ALONE) 3 times a year to & from West Africa (“The White Man’s Death”) where I barely survived 2 serious attacks of malaria (amongst others) as a result.. more UK gov. total failure of care)

11.) At this boarding school  I noticed all my fingernails had white flecks* on them, which I reported to the Matron several times (ignored), I then requested a visit to the school doctor, who said “Oh you’ve caught your fingers in a door larking about lad”... “But Sir, I did not ...”(me) ... “Next please”(doc) ... Read on & see why this incident exhibits gross medical incompetence & again UK gov. total failure of care.

12.) As the “white flecks on the fingernails” symptoms had been “officially” dismissed by both the school matron & a “qualified” doctor (both paid for [in my case] by the UK government), I as a kid tried to ignore them ... The directly resulting catastrophic consequences  occurred soon after in Nigeria.

13.) During the tri-annual school “holidays” to Nigeria (both parents working full time [Father training pre independence Nigerian Army [on behalf of UK gov.), the only child (me) was thus seriously neglected again ... & sent to a remote UK government beach chalet (Tarqua Bay),  alone (sometimes for consecutive weekly periods) ... “A child beach bum” with zero supervision or protection, surfing  one of Africa’s most dangerous beaches, in one of it’s wildest & most volatile countries, open to every kind of abuse, attack & kidnapping !!! ...TOTAL, TOTAL failure of care again by the UK gov.

14.) During one such stay, (still with the UK gov. medically dismissed white flecks on all my nails), I exited the surf with a 90% opaque crimson curtain descending across the previously perfect vision of my right eye & random patches of crimson across the previously perfect vision of the left eye ... Where was this same UK gov. when one of it’s “frontline loyal soldier’s DEPENDANT CHILD gets very seriously injured because of that same government’s gross neglect & incompetence?   ... They were (of course) “running for the hills (like a bunch of devious cowards)... What else did you expect???

15.) This near apocalyptic situation may be difficult for you to imagine ( can you imagine your own pre/early teen child in such critical & horrendous  mess) , occurring  totally without warning, in a completely wild & deserted location (no phones or people),  in a potentially very dangerous country,  to a semi neglected (completely ALONE) minor dependant child of a full time serving British army officer  ... WHAT A DISGRACE ... Total failure of care AGAIN & AGAIN by the UK Gov.

16.) When my parents received news (days later), near panic ensued & I was “rushed” to “Top “Eye Specialists”, starting in Lagos & because of the UK Army, only later to include London (Harley St.) & Sydney ( Macquarie St.) ...  ALL SAID basically the same to my parents: “ Your son has detached retinas & will be totally  blind in both eyes within two years ... & sooner if he does not adopt a sedentary lifestyle (medical term for no or very little physical activity [couch potato] ... & there’s nothing we can do for him !!!”  ... 1st of all, what a brainless (& TOTALLY INCORRECT) thing to say to a kid ... & 2nd Are we dealing here with THE most incompetent, slothful & feckless no hopers on God’s earth (including the UK gov.)???

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17.) On my return to school  I was then “emigrated” (you know, like deported with a smile & a lollypop) to a remote Australian sheep station (by in retrospect “a series of  scammers”  ... Was this sanctioned by the UK/Australian governments???  ... & exactly who was responsible for this serious infringement of a child’s most basic human rights [Oliver Twist 2]) ??? 

18.) In the 1950-60s there was: a.) No internet access, b.) Close to zero nutritional research & c.) Zero library availability in the outback of Australia ... But over the following years I managed (also working full time) to extract enough information  concerning my vision to decrease the white flecks on my nails, eventually (decades later) to zero & stabilizing (at a very low level) my vision ... Now look below at 19-23.

19.)White flecks on nails & zinc deficiency” 2,150,000 results on Google alone.

20.)Zinc is highly concentrated in the eye, particularly in the retina” 442,000 results on Yahoo alone..

21.)  Zinc deficiency also causes significant damage to the retina” 1,070,000 results on Google alone.       

22.) RANDOM EXTRACT EXAMPLE #1 White spots on the fingernails are often a sign of zinc deficiency. One source of documentation is Dr. Pfeiffer's Total Nutrition by Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., M.D., former director of the Princeton Brain Bio Centre (now deceased). He writes, "Remember that one of the easily recognized signs of a zinc deficiency is the appearance of white spots on the fingernails.”                           

23.)  RANDOM EXTRACT EXAMPLE #2  “The late Carleton Fredericks talked of this many years ago also. I had white spots for a long time, as did one of my sons. Fifty milligrams of zinc daily stopped the spots. Doctor Fredericks said some individuals either have a greater need for zinc than most people or else a lessened ability to utilize available zinc in the average diet. --Marcia Bernstein, Brooklyn”.


24.) Why  was the education of a child of a serving UK army officer basically destroyed (9) by the actions of the child’s own government during & because of the father’s loyal (& dangerous [3]) service for his country, to the extent that after 13  moves the child (despite proven ability [10]) ends up with almost NO qualifications???                                                                                          

25.) Why during the process of this same enforced unstable lifestyle was the child ... a.) provenly  mal nourished & then ... b.) callously permitted to develop (11) chronic highly dangerous nutritional deficiencies directly resulting in catastrophic vision loss ... & then c.) scandalously emigrated to the Australian outback by a bunch of fast talking Australian gov. paid scammers all presumably  sanctioned by the UK government ???                                                                        

26.) Why were the “medical eye specialists” (indirectly paid by the UK government), responding to a situation CAUSED by the same government, so outrageously incompetent that not only did they totally fail to diagnose a critical & blatantly visible condition (11) but also totally ignored their duty of care by a.) not even bothering to investigate ...  & b.) did not EVER bother to follow-up ... Result:  100% preventable catastrophic vision loss (14,) directly due to gross neglect ... (COURTESY UK GOVERNMENT PLC) ???                                                                                                                              

27.) Why is a pre/early teen minor child of a full time British army officer being sent on repeated long national (accosted by perverts on several occasions) & longer international journeys TOTALLY ALONE by the British government (9 & 13) ... GROSS failure of the most basic duty of care.                                                                                                                       

28.) ... & why is this same proven chronically nutritionally deficient ( minor child [situation caused & continuously ignored by UK government [11 & 12]), being then sent to EXTREMELY hazardous & isolated crime ridden international locations (1, 7,13,14) ALONE by the same UK government ???

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                    Your Majesty , there is quite clearly listed above a veritable catalogue of scandalous & dishonourable incidents perpetrated on a child of one of YOUR OWN loyal soldiers (honoured by both yourself & your father King George 6th ) ... & then (as now) reparation desperately avoided  in shame by the perpetrators (UK gov.) ever since.

                    The sequence of events was ENTIRELY preventable (19, 20, 21, 22 & 23) as evidenced by a.) The TOTAL inaccuracy of medical diagnosis, & b.) The TOTAL lack of any treatment whatsoever, & c.) The TOTAL lack of any follow-up  for 50 years. ... & d.) The absolute profusion of nutritionally,  medically & specifically related facts (19, 20 & 21) now available ... & e.) The human guinea pig test subject (me) writing this letter who has SO FAR proved the “experts” wrong  by 50÷2 x100=2500%

                   This COMPLETE failure of even the most basic standards of obligatory care by the UK government, FORCED the child (in a state of considerable & prolonged shock & confusion) to pursue the research & treatment (over decades) of his own desperate situation, himself. A physically & physiologically damaged child TREATING HIMSELF because of his own government’s TOTAL FAILURE

                    May I suggest that Your Majesty look (2 examples) at “The Yachting” magazine (world’s most prestigious sailing mag.) &/or The Washington Post (unsolicited full feature on US Independence Day) articles located at the bottom of page & tell me if that is a “sedentary lifestyle “ as so sentenced (16) ??? ... & how come after being FORCED to self research & self treat myself in very challenging circumstances, I am still able to write this letter to you FIFTY (not “up to two”) years later???

                    I hold the British government EXPLICITLY responsible for this shameful destruction of a child’s health & life opportunities thru negligence  ... & the grossly inept precursors that lad up to it ... & I respectfully ask Your Majesty to put your own son (or grandchildren) in my place & imagine how you personally would feel in the face of such outrageously nonexistent  care by YOUR OWN government!!! who WE (Your Majesty & my parents [now dead]) entrusted them with ... & paid for with our blood, tears & money, ON OUR CHILDREN’S BEHALF.

                    The photo (8) above & the modest achievements in the face of extreme adversity on : (1st & 2nd questions) are not as a result of any cure of my situation but only because of serious personal effort to succeed in the face of adversity .... & I enclose a copy of my “Visual Report Status 2011” & contact details of my current UK eye specialist as proof of my present visual state.

                      As your Majesty might guess, I am “slightly upset by the basic destruction of my life potential resulting specifically from outrageous gross incompetence & dereliction of duty by the UK government to a child doubly (UK Army child & UK citizen) under it’s care & I would like to know what your Majesty’s (& my) government is going to do about it ???       

                 This is a personal report for your  Majesty’s consideration as it contains 2 photos of documents sealed by the Royal Family & numerous references to the UK government. It has only (so far) been sent (registered) to the addressees at top (no media, websites, legal, human rights etc bodies) while awaiting your Majesty’s response.

         Thank You  for using your valuable time to read this report

                                                                                 Signed  Steve Dolby



NO REPLY RECEIVED from this letter to Her Majesty, David Cameron, Nick Clegg or Ed Miliband,

THEREFORE another letter was written to other members of the UK Royal Family with a copy of this one   



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