The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.



Buddhist icons , Natural Symbolism & Unknown Mysticism are all combined in this photo .... symbolizing our various religious beliefs, our responsibility of care for the environment entrusted to us, & our relative total ignorance of the galaxies & universes of space, time & unknown elements that surround our fragile existence ... We (the human race) are (despite our illusions of grandeur) surely only the humblest of bugs under the smallest of rocks ... waiting to be either stepped on, or accepted as a worthy student ... Let us be as sure as we possibly can that it is the latter when the time comes .... As it surely will.

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BIODIVERSITY LOSS  (& The Future of Planet Earth)

PREAMBLE: Are we (humans) as a species progressively & statistically destroying our own home (The Planet Earth)??? … & starting with “lesser” species all life on it? … & as a result of this process endangering the very existence of absolutely everything (ALL races, religions, nationalities, loved ones & families & even our entire planet) … because of this massive vandalism of our own “inheritance” … & are we NOW inviting intervention because of our selfish, illogical & progressively self destructive actions from an intergalactic source???

1.) In 2010 20% of the world’s 25,000 species are now threatened with extinction.

2.) Species are now dying out 1,000 times faster than at any time in human history;

3.) 75 % of crop diversity was lost between 1900-2000 because of human actions.

4.) 12% of birds, 21% of mammals & 30% of amphibians are now under threat.

5.) Each year 300,000 marine mammals are caught “accidentally” (known as bycatch).

6.) In total 40 million tonnes of these “accidents” (jellyfish, plankton etc) are caught.

7.) Every year a “green” area the size of England is destroyed (deforestation).

8.) During the last 30 years there has been a 29% decline in all freshwater wildlife.

9.) Warm-water coral has been reduced by over 30% since 1980 (global warming).

10.)The UN now reports that we are destroying three species every hour. .

11.) Wild species are now becoming extinct at about 1,000 times the natural rate.

12.) Biologists report species destruction only previously achieved by asteroid impacts.

13.) Science reports “Current speed of global warming is fastest in a million years“..


(See also: “Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Planet Earth” page on this site)



Darwin's Theory of Evolution
(“ALL LIFE IS RELATED & has descended from a common ancestor“)

ALL our family histories are "MIXED" (diversity is the source of our strength).... nationaly, racialy & perhaps intergalactically .... How far back can we accurately go?...  NOT very far, perhaps one or two thousand years (if we are lucky) .... & even in this very short period the margin for error is vast .... but beyond that is really only speculation ....

Take this example: All 3 "Coats of Arms" above are security cropped but relate specifically to, & are embossed with  Zeek's  very "diverse" family surname) ....  since earliest recorded times mixed with the blood of Picts, Scots, Angles, Romans (55 BC), Saxons, Vikings, Normans (& quite likely with North African &/or South Asian blood also) .... Then this family came with The Norman (French) Conquest of England (1066) ... Then went to Virginia & Maryland in the now United States of America (1625- 75).... Far better that we all stop fighting amongst ourselves .... because we are actually all brothers & sisters!.

About Zeek

(Artist /Author/Researcher of "The Art of Shen Ku" )

ZEEK WAS ISSUED A SENTENCE OF NEAR ULTIMATE DOOM AT AGE 15 BY THE VERY TOP EYE SPECIALISTS ON 3 CONTINENTS ..."Immediately adopt a sedatory lifestyle & you MIGHT retain some vision for up to two years, maximum!!! " ... WHAT A THING TO SAY TO A KID ... & to make it worse: 1.) Their diagnosis was TOTALLY WRONG! ... & 2.) Their resulting recommended corrective & preventitive treatment was NON EXISTANT.

 Are we (from whatever galaxy) ...  "travelling down a dusty road ... bent forward with a heavy load .... is there something ... we have missed ... A glimpse of phantoms, in the mist ...."


Zeek was classified as ... "Student LEAST likely to go up &  patient MOST likely to go down (see some school photos below)" ... & as well as being sentenced to certain & imminent disaster by 3 of the worlds top medical specialists ... was given (at least) "Six of the Best" (with the bamboo cane, catholic strap & #14 gym shoe) at FREQUENT intervals from an early age (to make sure he remembered)... Thank You Very Much (or not)!!! 


           Zeek's eyesight was 100% perfect as a child (above) ... UNTIL subjected to sustained nutritional deprivation, inept medical diagnosis of clear physical symptoms & total failure of VERY simple remedial measures ... ALL this whilst in the multiple care, foster & boarding situations ochestrated by The British Government & The British Army...

                   Thus this kid's education (older half brother full colonel [ex Cambridge & Sandhurst]) ... & original perfect health was systematically ruined, whilst continuously "shuffled from pillar to international post"  (like a sack of half rotten potatoes) ... ALL by our "proud & noble" UK Government & British Army WHILST under the certified sponcership of the British maonachy (who actually not only commisioned & decorated Zeek's Dad while "trashing" the kid's life, but "conveniently"also ignored the catastrophic damages thereafter) 

                Then to make matters worse (MUCH worse) he (still a kid [15]) was then (logically) the child victim (a specific result of the gross blundering above) of catastrophic sight loss in the savage pre Biafran War Nigeria (courtesy of UK Gov. & Army) ... Then to make matters even worse AGAIN  ... When it was seen that Zeek was "damaged goods" ...he was "deported" by this same British Government (in collaberation with their fellow "scammers" The Australian Government) to the outback of Australia for "slave" labour... Err, Hello Oliver Twist !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Thus this entire SHAMEFULL scenario is not only known by the British government & British Army but also by the British maonarchy who thru two "royal" generations commisioned & commended  Zeek's British Army Father (& Mother) in far & dangerous places whilst totally trashing the life & health of their only kid ... What an entirely SICK situation


1952 TWO SHEEP IN A PACK OF WOLVES ... in the VERY wild streets of Lagos, (pre 1-3 million death Biafran War Nigeria) .... Back Row: Secret service apprentice  Jaja (wealthy family)  .... Middle Row (L to R): Lieutenant Bem ( military father), Captain Zeek, Lieutenant Thomas (nervous [recently arrived from UK]) .... Front Row (L to R): Privates, Obi, Akin (all live on streets), Mazi (orphanage), Weke & Corporal Akono (some names from memory & several squad members were absent on family[& oither] duties) ... there were several other "gang" members outside the narrow angle of this 60 year old photo).





A PRESTIGIOUS BOARDING SCHOOL CLASSROOM IN THE SOUTH OF ENGLAND (about 1960) .... These students (from wealthy [or military] families) are supposed to be studying (to be doctors, lawyers & the next prime minister) ... BUT the teacher is out of the class for a few minutes (can you REALLY get back to your seat BEFORE the door opens? ... Of course NOT) .... ALL names have been withheld, except  Zeek (on top [but not academically] with right thumb up) .... No, the Teachers desk did not (by a miracle) collapse.


THE SAME PRESTIGIOUS PRIVATE BOARDING SCHOOL (but this time  outside the dormatory (from which the secret night excursions were planned & undertaken by some students who did not fear the corporal punishment [long ago banned in the UK) .... The year is about 1960-1 & names have been withheld to protect several prominent & successful citizens of the United Kingdom (& now other countries) & they ALL know who they are .... All that is except one (2nd from left) who  managed only  dubious status of "intergalactic dropout from The Planet Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy".


South Walks House @ Hardye's of Dorchester 1960

* Back row: Andrew Luckham, Pete Bedingfield, Mike Yarram, Daryl Bristow, Jonathan  King, John Hanna, (Yogi) Barratt, David Pinnell, Chris Pearson, Ernie Leaf, Digby Guy.
* 3rd. row: Tim Whittle, Tim Pullen, David Barker, David Wood, ? Cattell, BM Gunstone,  
(Rollo) Reid,

Tim Perry, Tim King, ‘Boggo’ Robbins, Hugh (Mixo) Morley.
* 2nd row: Mike Grigsby, ‘Gogs’ Turner, John Pearson, Matron Jackie (Beaky)

Housemaster Peter (nicname censored) Lewendon, Mrs. Lewendon & two offspring, House

Tutor David Lacey, Peter Warrick, Peter Stevenson, Roger (Fleabite) Davies.
* Front row: Anthony Copaz, Kenneth Vlasto, Steve Perry, Dermot Hanna, ??, ? Lowe.
                                            Photo courtesy of John Hanna (What, not that John Hanna?)


Please Note #1: The name (but not the image) of one student has been removed from the above list of outstanding scholars because of too much bad behaviour [including crashing (entire body) thru the ceiling of the Head House Master's private bedroom] ) resulting (for this & other "activities") in the administrration of multiple episodes of corporal punishment (in & out of class) in the form of: The Bamboo Cane, The Gym Shoe & "A Good" Clip Round the Ear ... "What's wrong with you boy ... why can't you behave?" ... Can you pick out this unworthy student?)

Note #2: The Leather Strap (about 35 x 5 x 1.5 cms) was not administered in this school, but this same student had previously (in Gibraltar) received multiple sessions of corporal punishment at the Catholic Brothers School administered by the same Catholic Brothers (in black robes)  over about 2 years ("Er, since when did Jesus Christ beat up on kids"?)

Note #3: This same unnamed student's "education" was continuously interrupted at this schhol(Hardye's) & all other "educational" situations he was shuffed to & from by the UK government & British Army (nilitary parents) ... At Hardye's (example) he was sent (as a child) ALONE on international journeys (that's without escort) from & to (examples) the south of England) to late 1950s "White Man's Death" Nigeria ... This happened 3 times each year, resulting (because of ZERO security from the UK government & British Army)  in close encounters of the VERY WORST kind, with perverts, exploiters, kidnap oportunists & disease (example: 2 very near death [106 degree shuddering fever body temperatures] in hospitals (Uk & West Africa) because of unprotected maiaria exposure) ... That's why it was called "the white mans death"



Zeek was the SINGLE (& natural) parent of these two half Asian kids (girl & boy) from ages 9-16 taking sole responsibility (& paying all expenses [no help from UK government]) for them in multiple (& international) locations & situations while researching, writing & illustrating The Art of Shen Ku in far places.



OK, so Zeek had a bad eye accident ... at age 15 (specifically  caused by a chronic nutritional deficiency & inept medical diagnosis of clear physical indicators)... which Zeek then proceeded (as a kid) to investigate himself (from the near non existent nutritional archives of the 1960s & self treat himself) ...

1st Question: How could this then very young man, with less than half his vision remaining ... & specifically "sentenced" by"top" eye specialists from 3 continents, unanimously saying: "You will be totally blind [both eyes] in under two years ..... or sooner if you do not adopt a "sedately" lifestyle immediately" ... (a"brilliant" diagnosis, paid for by the UK government!!! [Zeek being a dependant child of UK military parents on active service]) ... So how can he then proceed to embark on a series (about 10) of "amateur" trans ocean epics in small sailing vessels (with zero finances &  about 75% singlehanded) visiting & working in over 50 countries & then ....

2nd Question: .... How did this same "handicapped" young man then manage, ("Err! was it legal?" .... There is no intergalactic legality …. only intergalactic morality) ... to get & hold, multiple "high level" marine (& other) related "professional" positions (some examples):-


    •  Patrick Ellam Inc. of Larchmont, New York (probably the most prestigious  Yacht Delivery Company in the entire USA [if not the world]) 
    • The Moorings of New Oreans, USA & Tortola, BVI (probably the most prestigious [& largest] bareboat charter company in the world
    • West Indies Yacht Charters of Maya Cove, Tortola, BVI (probabaly the most iconic yacht charter company in the entire Carribbean Sea)
    • Nanny Cay Marine Center of Tortola, BVI (The Caribbean base of the prestigious International Guiness group of companies. 

             .... & this went on over several decades of "skating on sometimes very thin ice" , yet he :-

  •  a.) Never lost (or had die) a crew member or passenger overboard (or by any other accident) on a vessel at sea under his command....
  • b.) Never lost or abandoned a vessel at sea (irrespective of the catastrophic circumstances ensuing at that time )....
  • c.) Never asked for or accepted a rescue at sea ....

All this despite surviving (barely sometimes) literally dozens of hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, waterspouts close encounters etc in port, at anchor in remote locations &/or in mid ocean .... An almost surreal record of "good fortune" .... (or something else!) ...

       "BUT" (says Zeek)... "even the most experienced, the best prepared, &or the luckiest sailor (or passenger) of "small" vessels at sea, can (at almost any time) ... & surely eventually will ... meet disaster (or their God) traveling the inner space of this planet"). 



(sorry, will have to wait until Zeek gets settled again)

Zeek in Australia 1968


HOW TO BUILD A SMALL SAILING YACHT.... (& work 2 other jobs at the same time [Err, no thanks!]) .... (Zeek was working: a.) A full time day job for the Australian Government (4 years [& don't ask how he got that]) .... & b.) A part time job selling newspapers & designing boat hatches .... & c.) Building "Ghost Rider1"(photos above) at night (God help the neighbours) 





           Zeek (photo March 2011) caught off guard @ Big Gym City  .... hundreds of thousands of "hard school" travel miles  & 50 years since  the original "specialists" imminent doom prediction of up to 2 yrs (with "sedentory" lifestyle)

"Say Zeek, could you give us a smile please?" ....Thank You ....Signed Woo Chin   


"Err, hello what is this?"

THE CLASSIC YAWL "SHEN KU" .... Zeek was travelling (alone)  thru the ports of the southern Mediterranean coasts, with "a pocket full of money" ("So why didn't you put it in the bank Zeek? ... Wasn;t that a bit dangerous?)" ... & after a while he found this fine vessel in Port de la Rague, Cote D'Azur on the fabulous French Riviera (& "invested" almost all his savings ["... & that was rash too ...what if it sank?") ... purchasing it for the sum of "$1 & other considerations" [ "I know, that was a price they used to write on old "Bills of Sale" for old sailing boats wasn't it?"]) .... Also she was in a somewhat neglected condition! .... then sailed her (with a very young crew to Gibraltar & stopped for repairs .... then set sail (with 3 crew [one totally inexperienced & the other two under 2 years old ... "Oh My God ... That was completely CRAZY ]) ... for The Azores Islands & then (same crew) across the Atlantic Ocean (again) to the Virgin Islands (Caribbean Sea) .... & whilst renovating this beautiful vessel by day workied on "The Art of Shen Ku" from 6-10pm every evening ("a hard working young man I think!") .... BUT, the $64,000 question still remains .... How did he (with proven very bad eyesight, & "The Sword of Damocles" hanging precariously over his head ["Do you know what that is?"]) ... ever manage to command yet another large & complex sailing vessel such as this, across oceans & thru the reef cluttered, hurricane prone waters of the smuggler (yes & pirates [but they used 70 knot RIBs in those days]) infested Caribbean Sea for years & years with never a disaster occuring ??? .... Maybe now we know why this artform is: 

Dedicated to ALL life in ANY galaxy

suffering from illness, persecution, circumstance or despair

This Work is for YOU …. DON’T GIVE UP”



Note: Zeek is (as almost always) engaged in a one sided ongoing struuggle, this time against his own (British) government (& "ruling establishement [by whatever name]) ...

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