The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.


BIODIVERSITY LOSS  (& The Future of Planet Earth)

PREAMBLE: Are we (humans) as a species progressively & statistically destroying our own home (The Planet Earth)??? … & starting with “lesser” species all life on it? … & as a result of this process endangering the very existence of absolutely everything (ALL races, religions, nationalities, loved ones & families & even our entire planet) … because of this massive vandalism of our own “inheritance” … & are we NOW inviting intervention because of our selfish, illogical & progressively self destructive actions from an intergalactic source???

1.) In 2010 20% of the world’s 25,000 species are now threatened with extinction.

2.) Species are now dying out 1,000 times faster than at any time in human history;

3.) 75 % of crop diversity was lost between 1900-2000 because of human actions.

4.) 12% of birds, 21% of mammals & 30% of amphibians are now under threat.

5.) Each year 300,000 marine mammals are caught “accidentally” (known as bycatch).

6.) In total 40 million tonnes of these “accidents” (jellyfish, plankton etc) are caught.

7.) Every year a “green” area the size of England is destroyed (deforestation).

8.) During the last 30 years there has been a 29% decline in all freshwater wildlife.

9.) Warm-water coral has been reduced by over 30% since 1980 (global warming).

10.)The UN now reports that we are destroying three species every hour. .

11.) Wild species are now becoming extinct at about 1,000 times the natural rate.

12.) Biologists report species destruction only previously achieved by asteroid impacts.

13.) Science reports “Current speed of global warming is fastest in a million years“..


(See also: “Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Planet Earth” page on this site)



1.) Define The Universe: Everything that exists, including all physical matter, energy, planets, stars, galaxies & all contents of intergalactic space … BUT, our knowledge is still very limited … & have we, totally missed something vitally important?…. Are there actually other universes in existence, (such as parallel, spiritual, diametrically opposite or universes of time)?… Don’t scoff…. Go to "Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Planet Earth"


2.) Define Infinity: A quantity or state of being (including time & space) that is without any limit whatsoever (absolute eternity of past & future time, & beyond all & every parameter of universe & space) … BUT, if both time & space are infinite, then there can be no “beginning or end” of time, nor can “our” universe contain “everything that exists” ( because infinity cannot be given a size) … Thus as a species… the most basic bits of this puzzle are still totally beyond our grasp.... ( full report on " Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Planet Earth" page) 


LION ON GUARD (A Thai Spiritual Lion named Sing Toe) adorned with Buddhist Icons .... In Northern Thailand (where Big Gym City is located) …. There is belief in Animism which is that things (such as trees, rivers, stones & even plants [like Aoe Vera]) have living souls .... There is belief in a spiritual presense  worthy of respect & sometimes fear .... that is why you will often see the trunks of old trees encircled with an orange or red/brown cloth sashes .... Even if you doi not believe in such traditions, definately better not to laugh or scoff at such 2,500+ year old beliefs ... just remember that every sensible person  once knew the world was flat.


ALOE VERA (Aloe Barbadensis) .... Healing & protecting your skin & body (inside & out) for 6,000years (Yes Cleopatra used it )

THE BEST 40 SECTION ALOE VERA USER GUIDE on the entire internet of this planet …. Provided by Zeek (a dedicated long time user) …. AS A PUBLIC SERVICE but is © Zeek 2008 all rights reserved …. & is (as usual):-

Dedicated to ALL life in ANY galaxy sufferibg from illness, persecution, circumstance or despair THIS WORK IS FOR YOU – DON’T GIVE UP



Aloe Vera Gel has upwards of 70 nutrients & active ingredients (including but not limited to 20 minerals, 19 amino acids, 12 vitamins …. Plus “exotics” such as methionine, serine threonine, molybdenum & polysaccharides) …. It is a potent & complex composition capable of benefiting a huge variety of ailments.



  •  Aloe Vera can fight LEUKAEMIA & ARTERIAL THROMBOSI: Tests with laboratory rats have been shown to extend lifespan by an average of 10% by regular ingestion, with multiple reduced illness susceptibility (e.g. leukaemia & arterial thrombosis).

  •  Aloe Vera can be used to treat CONSTIPATION: The gel normally contains no laxative properties (anthraglycosides) because the laxative compounds are present in the cells immediately beneath the skin of the leaf (bitter taste).

  •  Aloe Vera is known to benefit all internal organs: When taken internally (see below) it is widely beneficial to all internal organs (see notes at bottom) thus aiding non specific stomach ache (including  ANTI BACTERIAL & ANTI INFLAMMATORY properties).

  •  Aloe Vera is a natural ALKALINE FORMING nutritional aid: This end result being beneficial in muttiple other health concerns including stomach acidity, ulcer formation  & heartburn.

  •   Aloe Vera is beneficial to the ENTIRE HUMAN ANATOMY: (gel) & thus when eaten (see notes at bottom)  is well known to pacify & repair the colon & intestines [apart from its poisitive nutritional faxtors] thus aiding diarrhoea BUT be aware that the cells directly uinder the leaf skin also act a a mild purge.

  •   Aloe Vera is a quite powerful laxative: .... & the gel is broadly beneficial to the general health of the INTESTINAL & BOWEL tracts: Hoeever be aware that when treating IRREGULARITY, that it is actually the coating immediately under the leaf skin which acts as a mild purge [normally the gel itself will not cause you to run to the bathroom]).

  •   Aloe Vera is a well known ITCH INHIBITOR: It has anti inflammatory & protective properties & ius particularly effective on BURNS.

  •   Aloe Vera often used for INSECT BITES & PLANT STINGS:  particularly in tropical & "third world" localities specifically (but not solely) for its soothing & protective capacity.

  •   Aloe Vera is absolutely superb for SUNBURN: both before & after (if you are silly enough [like Zeek] to get fried as a kid in hot countries .... & it helps HEAL YOUR SKIN progressively in the decades after).

  • Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to protect, REDUCE INFLAMMA TION & IRRITATION:.... & to sooth & calm ACNE (unfortunately it is transparent .... (so you need a brave spirit when going outside) … but Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to improve the condition and promote healing of SCAR TISSUE as formed by swelling and inflammation from ACNE (& many other conditions) …. The ancient Egyptians (& Chinese) knew of & used it some 5,000 years ago …. Using the Aloe vera gel inside the leaves (which contains [amongst othe relevant compounds] gibberellins and polysaccharides, which stimulate the skin and help heal infected areas ….
  • Aloe Vera gel also contains antibiotics, coagulating agents, pain inhibitors, and astringent materials very usfull when combating ACNE: .... Aloe Vera gel also contains many other nutrients which can STIMULATE NEW CELL GROWTH & increasing the skin's ability to heal scarred tissue. …. When combating acne drink plenty of water (about 8 glasses for an adult) & be very careful to observe a healthy diet …. Stay away from processed carbohydrates & sugar .,… Eat plenty of carrots & green vegetables ( some fruit every day, such as apples & apricots) …. & drink green tea with pure lemon juice am & pm ro de acidify your body…. Stick with it & good luck (also avoid stress if you can).
  •   Aloe Vera treats virtualy all known RASHES (even DERMATITUS, SHINGLES & ECZEMA).

  • Aloe Vera reduces DENTAL & denture INFLAMATION: (caused by BACTERIAL & FUNGAL INFECTIONS).

  •   Aloe Vera reduces CRACKS, LESIONS & GUM DISEASE: inside & outside the mouth.

  •   Aloe Vera is an ancient DIGESTIVE AID.

  •   Aloe Vera is a proven & tested beneficial emergency protective coating: for all MINOR CUTS,BRUISES, ABRASIONS & SCRAPES etc.

  •   Aloe Vera is a known: ANTI INFLAMMATORY agent.

  •   Aloe Vera improves: BLOOD CIRCULATION.

  •   Aloe Vera aids in WEIGHT LOSS: by reducing and stabilizing the body mass index & also stimulating energy metabolic rate stabilization (of the LIVER CELLS) ….& the energy used for this process comes from the fats and carbohydrates stored in the body.

  •   Aloe Vera requires the body to process the collagen protein content of Aloe Vera: (during assimilation) by utilizing stored body fat & carbohydrates (HELPS SLIMMERS & AIDS MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT.)

  •  Aloe Vera DETOXIFIES HEAVY METALS: & aids metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein preventing fat build up in the liver & arteries.

  •  Aloe Vera aids COLON HEALTHL by rapid TOXIN ELIMINATION.

  • Aloe Vera is: an excellent, natural NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT of the highest order. 

  •   Aloe Vera strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEMi.

  •   Aloe Vera stimulates: (because of the Carrisyn content) BODILY DETOXIFICATION & the production of infection fighting blood cells (& thus immunity).

  •   Aloe Vera reduces ITCH: & aids healing of PSORIASIS .

  •   Aloe Vera reduces the time food is spent in the intestines: thus reducing TOXIC BUILDUP potential. 

  • Aloe Vera regulates blood pressure.

  •   Aloe Vera dilates capillaries & supports cell growth, thus improving circulation.

  •   Aloe Vera inhibits & repairs stomach ulcers.

  •   Aloe Vera defends the body against bacreia.

  •   Aloe Vera stimulates energy & mental wellbeing.

  •  Aloe Vera promotes bone & joint healing.

  •  Aloe Verea regulates blood sugar levels.

  •  Aloe Vera detoxifies the entire system internally.

  •  Aloe Vera cleans the blood stream.

  •  Aloe Vera cleans the colon & lower bowels.

  •  Aloe Verea aids internal tissue repair.

  •  Aloe Vera positively influences the general health of the entire body.

  •  Aloe Vera is a proven cellular regenerator (helping to rebuild faulty body systems) .... with both anti bacterial & anti fungal properties.


    IMPORTANT NOTES …. (from Zeek who has used this so valuable plant for decades ....when available) …. from the dry hills of the Caribbean Islands (where it clings to rocky slopes with almost no water yet appears in perfect health) …. to the erratic seasons of tropical Thailand (Big Gym City, Udon Thani) where he keeps about 50-100 plants scattered in various locations (some photos below).

  • GROW IT YOURSELF or buy living plants (make sure you buy Aloe barbadensis because there are over 250 species of Aloes in the world, (most native to Africa [& not all are suitable for home therapy) .... They can range in size from one inch diameter to massive plants of 6 foot (There were a couple like that at Big Gym City but they got too tall & top heavy & we had to send them to the Thai countryside[retirement in the lovely forest]) .... & although most Aloes have some medicinal (or commercial) uses, by far the most commonly known is the Aloe barbadensis ….
  • KEEP ALOE VERA IN YOUR HOME …. You will need about 4-10 fully grown (& double that number of "trainees") plants to maintain your supply, depending on how many people are using them & how often (eating &/or applying externally etc) …. Don’t cut & use the baby plants if you can avoid it) …. Aloe Vera is not too difficult to look after (even in colder climates) …. BUT all Aloes are semitropical, and may only grow them outdoors in areas where there is no chance of freezing (they store [inside the leaves] 95% water & are thus extremely srnsitive to frost) .... 
  • ALOE VERA IS GENERALLY A VERY TOUGH PLANT  (& fight very hard for their life).... & can make excellent house plants when given sufficient light & reasonable care .... Aloe Vera has a shallow, spreading root system & if you must repot them choose a wider rather than a deeper pot with a near obligatory drainage hole (a 1-2 inch layer of gravel in the bottom of the pot to ensure adequate drainage is beneficial) .... Use good commercial potting mix with extra granite grit, perlite [or coarse sand] added .... Put Aloes in pots outdoors in summer.... & we have had MANY mature specimens that produce  a tall central stem covered with bright colored flowers (with nectar) which little hovering birds (like hummingbirds) absolutely love .... Fertilize once yearly in the spring.
  • PAY STRICT ATTENTION TO LIGHT & DRAINAGE .... because both are VERY important to Aloe Vera, position pots so that they receive plenty of light (or partial sunshine) & are very well drained (don't leave water in trays of pots [it will rot the roots] ....but they will recover when dried out) .... & when "harvesting"always cut off a fat leaf from the very bottom of a mature plant, wash it & store it in the refrigerator (it will keep for several days [maximum a week] with no problem) ….
  • ONE PERSON WILL NEED a minimum of 4 mature plants if you are eating a peeled 2-4 inch section am &/or pm every day (like you should [but read notes at bottom of this report]) …. One mature leaf will provide about 4-6 of these sections, so that a single mature leaf will last you about 2-6 days (in the refrigerator) …. You get your Aloe Vera leaf out when you have finished your morning shower or wash, slice off your section, peel it (easy), chew it(nice) & swallow it (keep it in your mouth for a minute if you have problems there)
  • WHAT!... YOU THINK YOU ARE FINISHED?… Wrong, take the leaf skin & rub it all over your body (particularly where you have problems) …. later you can put lotion on too io you want to moisturize ….If you have hair problems rub the Aloe leaf skin in your hair & then massage it in (sort of vibrate the scalp with stiff fingers, [to promote circulation] then move to the next place, then comb it out (to remove any bits) …. Don’t throw the used leaf skin away, cut it up & put it back around the plant you got it from (& preferably thank the plant for its kind help towards your health)
  • WARNING…There are ONLY A FEW “quite good” commercial preparations of Aloe Vera (not many, & NONE are as good as a living plant) … BUT The quantity & quantity of the active ingredients in many commercial products is SUSPECT (& may be virtually non-existent in some) … If you must buy commercial “packaged” Aloe Vera gel, be as sure as you can that it is from a trusted certified organic source made to Food Grade Standards, & read the ingredients list carefully to check what else has been put in it.
  • SIDE EFFECTS are rare (Zeek has never yet experienced any over decades) but possibilities might (in very rare cases) include: allergies, nausea, tinted urine or liver considerations … Maintain a reasonable level of internal intake .... external application is very easy to monitor.
  • USUALLY AVOID taking Aloe Vera internally if you are a child, pregnant or breast feeding, have kidney or heart disease, or are allergic to garlic or onions (Zeek is allergic to garlic but still eats one clove with every protein meal)…. As always pay careful attention to ALL your body's responses.

OK! THIS IS YOUR ALOE VERA GARDEN .... Yes, I'm sorry it is a bit untidy .... that's because they don't get much attention because everyone is too busy (except when it is time to come & cut a leaf off ... "Oh! NO GOOD ... Please look after them better, OK?" .... 

  • Photo #1: (from left) There are one or two (at most) fat plump leaves at the base of this plant which could be cut off (at the very base) & used ....
  • Photo #2 Way too many adolesant plants on the left side of this pot ...Take them out & repot them seperately [one per pot] & don't give them too much water please ....
  • Photo #3: Yes, one good plant getting "leggy" in the middle ... better put it in a pot by itself (& sort the rest of them out too please) they are all getting starved of nutrition, I think ....
  • Photo #4: The same situation as photo 3 but the pot is too small & the plant looks starved of nutrition too (put some nutrients (mixed with a little good soil, but make sure it can drain) in the BOTTOM of a new bigger pot & put that plant in by itself (don;t give it any water from the top or it won't grow roots (they are a bit lazy with roots [ but they sure can make a lot of babies!]) ....
  • ALOE VERA IS A SO VERY USEFUL PLANT .... a little tempremental (don't forget not too much water or soggy soil (at Big Gym City the Aloe Veras get water about once a week [soil soaked] then leave to dry out in summer & once every 2 weeks (about 1 or 2 cups per plant] in winter) .... or excess sun but otherwise quite easy to look after) ... Photos taken by Woo Chin in Zeek's private (& untidy) garden at Big Gym City, Udon Thani, North Thailand. 

© Zeek 2008 all rights reserved