The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.



1.) Define The Universe: Everything that exists, including all physical matter, energy, planets, stars, galaxies & all contents of intergalactic space … BUT, our knowledge is still very limited … & have we, totally missed something vitally important?…. Are there actually other universes in existence, (such as parallel, spiritual, diametrically opposite or universes of time)?… Don’t scoff…. Go to "Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Planet Earth"


2.) Define Infinity: A quantity or state of being (including time & space) that is without any limit whatsoever (absolute eternity of past & future time, & beyond all & every parameter of universe & space) … BUT, if both time & space are infinite, then there can be no “beginning or end” of time, nor can “our” universe contain “everything that exists” ( because infinity cannot be given a size) … Thus as a species… the most basic bits of this puzzle are still totally beyond our grasp.... ( full report on " Intergalactic Art & The Future of The Planet Earth" page) 



"The choices of a single second affect all those that follow" (The Traveller)

"....& the Traveller came to four roads that met at one place, & before each was a bell, & on each bell was a rhyme ....


& the Traveller chose a road & struck the bell , for such  was the destiny of that place, & in due course the Traveller came to four roads that met at one place ...."



Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... ( relating to The Logic of The 4 Bells)




A DEEP & UNIVERSAL LOGIC  profoundingly relevant to ALL lifeforms in ANY galaxy....

(Please note the corrected printing error underlined at top (from the first Original Edition only)


WHIPPING A ROPE OR LINE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL SAILOR .... This is how is was (& is) done on the sailing vessels of our (& probably any other) world, BUT you can also use this at home or in sport for that "Marine Feature" in your living room with the 3 strand rope drapped over the old ship's wheel or ship's anchor ....  finishing off the braided lines of your mountaineering kit or repairing your fishing rod.   (from page 187 in "The Art of Shen Ku")


Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... (The Basic Logics & History Analysis)





"The Physics of Movement" .... Basic Logic:"Movement changes circumstance & without change there can be no improvement"

"The Directions of Destiny".... Basic logic:"The choices of a single second affecf all those that follow"

"The Mysticism of The Unknown" .... Basic Logic:" Within each of us lie the hopes & fears of everyone else"

"The Spirituality of Action" .... Basic Logic:"The means to any end is ultimately within the spirit"