The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.



*MARTIAL ARTISTS feature heavily in this powerful work.... Multiple forms in crystal clear format by past masters.

*MEN balance your masculinity to an ultimate degree with about 1,024 seperate skills concisely detailed.

*PHYSICIANS & students of health consult on ALL ailments. A VAST yet compact & explicit work with lightning access.

*SAILOR'S ARTS from across Asia in rapid access sections .... LOTS of drawings , funny, valuable, unique.






Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... The Martial Artist( A Traveller#s Concise Guide to Yoga Positions) .... Multiple Benefits from this Simplified Study of Techniques 


YOGA POSTURES:   THE BOW (sexuality, digestive organs, circulation, open ribcage, central nervous system, how to stretch muscles on front of body, make your spine supple, tone neck & back muscles, strengthen endocrine glands, treat constipation, therapy for the brain ). FORWARD STRETCH: ( ailments of the bladder & abdominal organs, sexuality, knee problems, fatigue, hemorrhoids, heart ailments, sciatica, treat poor circulation to the feet, treat cramps of the calves & instewp, ease stiffness, aid digestion, teat lumbago) SPINAL TWIST YOGA POSITION: (multiple stretch yoga position & inernal organ position correction posture.)  COW STRETCH: (exellent arms & shoulders stretch & flexibility posture, combat fits, cramps & abdominal pain, ease middle back pain, combat madness & vertigo, circulation aid. ) LOTUS POSITION :  ( meditation posture & general health, teaches good posture & opens hip joints. )  HEAD STAND: ( benifits pituitary gland, circulation & varicose veins, abdominal organ ailments, combat headache & hernia, correct dropped stomach, pineal gland ailments, aid mental agility.)   SHOULDER STRETCH: (treat shoulder & upper back pain or strain, improve immunity, breathing & heart ailments, treat asthma & colds/flu, treat bronchitis, improve posture & flexability.)    SPINAL ROCKING: massage all accupressure points along spine,loosen & energize vertebrae, relieve tension & fatigue.)    RELAXATION: ( how to relax during & after a yoga session.) 


Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... The Martial Artist ( Body Sculpture Program for Women) .... How to Trim & Shape Specific Body Parts - Well Demonstrated by Aloe Vera) 

BODY SCUPTURE FOR WOMEN:    LYING LATERAL RAISE (face down): Exercises & strengthens all upper back, lower back, back of arms (including triceps) & shoulders, wrist tendons & grip....(if legs are also raised then add all back of legs too[with greater emphasis on the low back.).... If head is held up add neck muscles extending into the traps.)   BACK RAISES: Super exercise for low back [do a single set of as many reps as you can each morning & forget low back pain (takes about a week to take full effect)....Complement it with one similar set of crunches  (alternate knee touch with opposite elbow ) situps lying on your back on the floor for.... Total back care.     STANDING BETWEEN LEG SWINGS: Super aerobics, cardio vascular, warmup, cooldown exercise (  uses just about every muscle in your body & improves circulayion & flexability too.)    BARBELL SHRUGS: Use this exercise (&/or Upright Rows ) for your Traps (between neck & shoulder [on top]) ....Don't say you don't like or want it, because you NEED it, every time you lift something  & it helps stop strains/sprains too.   BENCH PRESS: OK ladies, forget the silicone implants, DO IT NATURALLY by building your pectoral (chest) muscles. The flat bench press (wide grip) will develop beautiful firm muscle beneath your breasts & thus help to provide lift, Wow!       OVERHEAD PRESS: (or Military Press) ( basically a shoulder exercise [ keep your back straight to avoid straining it....or perform the exercise with light weights &/or in a seated position ]...Ladies don't say you don't want big shoulders BUT if you laeve this exercise out you will neglect an important set of muscles & tendons...just use light weights & high reps.     CURLS (Bicep Curls): Yes you do need to work the biceps, keep your back straight (DON'T LEAN BACK) & lift the barbell close to your body (Drag Curl) , then lower & repeat.      DUMBELL FLY ( not illustrated but opposite to "A") (works the outer pecs [absolutely vital to a good breast outline ) Don't worry about using heavy weights with this exercise [a warm up set first] because you will see the diference in the mirror after only a month )    STANDING BENT OVER PULLS (or Rows): (super low & upper back exercise  [also works arms, grip & back of legs)....  BUT be sure to do a warmup set [at about 50% of max.] first & TO KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT [do this exercise 1-3 times a week....but not on consecutive days])      GRIPS: (Do grip exercises [with springs as shown or rubber balls or special machines see ) EVERY DAY. Strengthens fingers, hands & forearm muscles & tendons....VITAL.)     LYING OVERHEAD RAISES (sometimes called PULLOVERS): ( strengthens & stretches the entire front of the upper torso & gives your Triceps a serious workout. Sometimes you will hear your ribcage clicking as the joints are stretched....Super exercise.)     DYNAMIC TENSION (NECK EXERCISES): (start by loosening up your neck [roll your head around slowly] then start the exercise....It is quite difficult to exercise the neck so you do need to make the effort, or suffer the consequences of neglect.)    SIT UPS: (Upper Abdominals)(nothing looks better on the human body than a good set of abdominal muscles [indicative of physical fitness & mental discipline]....Exercise the abs with one HARD[stop when they hurt] set 6 days a week [increase your reps by one rep every week.)       LYING OVERHEAD LEG RAISES: (Lower Abdominals) you can alternate [daily] this exercise with Sit Ups if you want for maximum effect.     STAND UPS ( or SQUATS): (ABSILUTELY VITAL to overall health, strength & general vitality.... Do this VERY valuable exercise with or without weights 2 or 3 times a week with 1 or 2 rest days inbetween [keep back straight & head up....& ALWAYS do a warmup set first.]).    STAR JUMPS: (super warmup or cooldown exercise....You NEED to exercise your heart & Star Jumps work great.... [do them in front of the TV at home during commercial breaks...ignore sniggering family members])     SIDE LEG RAISES:(exercises the outer thigh muscles [ use a large soft ball between the knees & squeeze. for the inner thighs.)