The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.



*SEXUALITY is a vital part of our being .... About 320 "Self Help" entries .... Many valuable trans cultural secrets ....

*STREETWISE: "How to deal with Bullies & Bandits" .... The finest all ages guide ever by Mistress Woo Chin.

*SURVIVAL is a basic skill of life (like CPR) .... Power Cut to Nuclear in any climate .... It's here.

*TRAVELLERS .... This work is yours, ANY jouney, ANY where, ANY time .... Unbelievably old .... Eternally valid. 




This photo kindly loaned to by the owner of Big Gym City because it is an "artistic picture of mystic beauty"  attractive to our "earthly" eyes & no doubt to those of intergalactic viewers also. 


Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... The Martial Artist (How to Execute Classic Martial Arts Stretches) .... You don't Have to be Bruce Lee to Enjoy & Benefit Vastly from this page.

MARTIAL ARTS STRETCHES:           FORWARD STRETCH: (be sure to consciously maintain a straight back during this stretch....& don't force it.... Primarily a Hamstring Stretch, but also a good & easy indicator of your body's flexibility status.) ....   

STRETCHING SUBJECTS: How to releive stress with stretching ....How to breathe during stretching exercises ....  .... How to stretch the neck, How to stretch the fingers .... How to stretch the wrists ....  How to stretch the inner thighs .... How to stretch the shoulders (1.) ....  How to stretch the entire  front of the body .... Ballistic Stretches & strains ....  How to execute Twist Stretches ....   Build confidence with stretching .... How to stretch the biceps .... How to stretch the centre inner thigh ... How to stretch the inner forearms ... How to stretch the groin area ... How to stretch the calves .... How to stretch the shoulders (2.) .... How to styretch the sides of the body. 



Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... The Martial Artist (How to Execute Classic Martial Art Hand Strikes) .... Knowledge & Practice can Transform even the Most Vunerable.

THE 4 BASIC RULES OF MARTIAL ART SKILLS: 1.) Never strike the first blow (unless personally threatened with a gun/knife etc or intervening to protect a similarly or physically endangered third party where an element of surprise is essential)  2.)Don't use excessive force  3.) Stop when out of danger.   4.) Temper & martial arts are incompatible.   


* THE FIST (condition for 1-2 years.)    * THE PALM ( condition 3-6 months )    * THE FORK ( condition for 1-4 years.)    *THE HAMMER (condition for 6-18 months.)    THE CLAW ( condition for 0-? years)    * THE HOOK ( condition for 0-? years)    *THE CHOP (condition for 1-6 months.)    *THE SPEAR (condition for 2-6 years.)  *THE ELBOW ( conditioning much improves strike ability.)   *THE BLOCK


Remember knowledge of martial arts techniques carries moral & legal responsibilities.