The integrated symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku"

The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.


*BABIES: How to choose the sex of yours BEFORE conception. .... Page 116 (of about 204 other pregnancy entries).

*CHARACTER .... Analysis from external signs .... Pick brave, calm, trustworthy, intellegence etc, instantly. Page 55.

*DIAGNOSIS of multiple ailments (cause & remedy) e.g. HAIR: about 61 entries .... NAILS: about 80 entries .... EYES: about 196 enties .... SKIN: about 269 enties.

*FLEXIBILITY & BREATHING are a mirror of our health .... Study with the Short Monk for multiple & varied benefits.


Guardian Angel Spirit on Guard (A Thai Spiritual Lion named Sing Toe) adorned with Buddhist Icons .... In Northern Thailand (where Big Gym City is located) …. There is belief in "Animism" which is that things (such as trees, rivers, stones & even plants [like Aoe Vera]) have living souls .... It is a belief in a spiritual presense,  worthy of respect (& sometimes fear) .... That is why you will often see the trunks of old trees encircled with orange or red/brown cloth sashes .... Even if you do not believe in such traditions, definately better not to laugh (or scoff) at such 2,500+ year old beliefs ... Just remember that every "sensible" person  once knew the world was flat .... Thank You Zeek.



              The Fisherman's Bend is also known as The Anchor Bend as It is often used to secure  a rope/line to an anchor or mooring eye in a float, buoy, post or dock (This version of the knot is used when there is no initial load on the line when tying & also because it is more secure (the first half-hitch is locked into place by the round turn itself)  after it is tied ....  

             The Round Turn (and Two Half Hitches) Knot is very similar, & can be tied when the line is under load ( if you are quick) but   has no "security" tuck of the first Half Hitch ....  As the name suggests it is composed of two important parts: The 'Round Turn'  which is actually two turns, that  take the initial strain (while  the knot is completed with the 2 half hitches) .... This may well be critical when handling a mooring line & an additional turn, (or even two) can/should be added initially if you are handling a heavy load (e.g. large vessel or strong wind/tide/current). These turns allow you to control the load while you add ....

          .... The Two Half Hitches which actually form a Clove Hitch round the standing end .... & It is not uncommon to see an additional one (or more) half hitches  to make the knot more secure.

           Important Note relating to very high security no initial load situations (such as vessels left unattended, locations aloft or underwater, safety &/or semi permanent applications) whereby in laid line only ( braid requires whipping or stitching) the tail is often tucked thru/under one strand of the rope itself as per Zeek's drawing at top.


Sample Page from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... Introdution to The Sailor ( Woo Chin)

The truth of this logic is "Held to be Self Evident" .... in that, whilst it is possible to deteriorate circumstances by "movement", it (movement in some form) is still required if the opportunity of improvement is sort.

THE THREE STRAND EYE SPLICE is just about the simplest of the required marine skills which ALL (yes that's the Captain too "Yes Sir") MUST know.... Why?... because you absolutely NEVER know:

1.) When/if you might be embarrassed in front of that lovely lady you fancy ... because "you can't do it"

 2.)When/if your life (or those of perhaps your injured crew or unskilled passengers might depend on it)

3.) When/if you  might be forced by circumstances to repair any 3 (or more) strand rope (or line) in a semi crisis &/or semi permanent situation ...Such as anchor, halyard, heaving, safety, docking etc

4.) & finally don't forget your "flick knife" (er, that's the one with a button on the side that you press & the blade snaps out) when you go aloft .... where the golden rule is "One hand for the boat & one for you" (meaning that you DO NOT LET GO when you are 70 feet up the mast in storm conditions trying to free a jammed sail track [or fouled halyard]) .... (Err,better leave that pig sticker in your rigging bag onboard or the police might arrest you ashore)

(An illustrated extract from page 187 of "The Art of Shen Ku")


Sample Pages from "The Art of Shen Ku" .... Introdution to The Sailor (The Sailor by The  Shore)

"SEE THE SAILOR BY THE SHORE" (or the jet setter at the airport....or the mountaineer at base camp....or even the armchair adventurer in front of the TV).... ALL ARE SUFFERING FROM THE SAME RESTLESS SPIRIT AS THE ARTIST/AUTHOR OF THIS MODEST WORK ....( BUT, take heart  fellow "patients", because our particular ailment is absolutely & equally vital  TO CROSS A COUNTRY, AN OCEAN ....OR A GALAXY)