Bahá’í Star
Buddhist Wheel of Dharma
Christian Cross

The Bahá’í Religion was founded by the respected Bahá'u'lláh in 19th century Persia & the followers of this faith believe in 3 major principles, Unity of God, Unity of Religion, Unity of Humanity representing the human body & a series of divine messengers,  “Messengers of God” (who include [but are not limited to] Abraham, Buddha, Jesus & Muhammad)  representing & emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind …. There are believed to be about 8 million followers of this religion on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Buddhist Religion (Buddism) believes in & studies the respected teachings of Siddhartha (Gautama [or Buddha]) ….  The wheel (representing rapid spiritual change via the teachings of Buddha) is one of the most important Buddhist symbols  (The teachings of Buddha being the means to escape the endless “Cycle of Samsara” (or rebirth) …. Buddhism incorporates many doctrines but does not generally believe this world is created & ruled by a “God” …. This does not mean Buddhism is atheistic …. There are believed to be about 400 million Buddhists on our shared  Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Christian Religion (Christianity) believes Jesus Christ is the son of God, & follow the respected teachings from the Holy Bible …. Christian teachings include (examples):- *God created the entire universe …. *God created humans that we might love & obey him …. *God first created Adam & Eve who were given “free will” (to obey or not) God ..,.they disobeyed, & God then gave humans “sin”…. *God hates sin, but loves his creations even if they sin …. *God must punish sin, but offers redemption …. There are believed to be about 2.2 billion Christians on our shared  Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Cofusianism Yin/Yang
Hindu Om Icon
Islamic Star & Crescent

 The Confucianist Religion (Confucianism) believes in the respected teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius  (Kǒng Fūzǐ, or K'ung-fu-tzu, lit. "Master Kong" 551–478 BC)  & is almost a “State Religion” (huge influence on E. Asia) …. Confucians believe Tai Chi is vital “energy” (Yin and Yang balance) being infinitely transformable (evolved from Wu Chi [void energy]) …. The ultimate source of all energy/knowledge is “Tao” (has no boundaries in time/space, infinite & formless” (I-Ching) …. There are believed to be 6.4 million people around the world following this religion on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Hindu Religion (Hinduism) believes in the teachings of the respected Book of Bhagwas Gita. It is important to understand the caste system before delving into Hindu religious beliefs. According to Hindu teaching, there are four basic social classes, each has its own rules for living …. Hindus believe God is within all things & inseparable from the universe  & also that after death each person will be reborn (as a human or animal) & the kind of creature we become depends on our actions in this life …. There are believed to be about 860 million followers of Hinduism on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Islamic Religion (& Muslims)  believe in the respected teachings of The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad/Mohammed who lived around 570-632 …. The book of revelation, mediated by the Prophet is The Holy Quran/Koran & the word Islam (believed to originate from the root word “Shalom” (Hebrew), means peace  (submission to the Will of Allah) & those who by choice submit to the Will of Allah are Muslims. (Allah is Arabic for “The One and Only God”) …. The first flag of the Holy Prophet's is reported to have been a black (to contradict the white flag of the “Quraish”) …. There are believed to be about 1.4 billion Muslims on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Jewish Religion (Judaism) follow the respected teachings of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) & believe Judaism was started by God and Abraham …. The 10 Commandments are: 1.) I am the Lord your God. 2.) Do not recognize the other’s gods of in my presence. 3.) Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. 4.) Remember & keep Sunday holy. 5.) Honour your father and your mother. 6.) Do not murder. 7.) Do not commit adultery 8.) Do not steal. 9.) Do not give false testimony. 10.) Do not covet other's possessions …. There are believed to about 15 million Jews on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Jewish Star of David
Jain Ahimsa Symbol
Sikh Khanda

The Jain Religion (Jainism) believes in the respected teachings (celibacy, speaking the truth, no stealing & no possession of material things) of Mahavira.  Jainism prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings & emphasizes the necessity of spiritual self-effort.  There are believed to be about 4.5 million people on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Sikh Religion (Sikhism) believes in the respected teachings in The Adi Granth as written by their 5th Guru (Prophet) …. The symbolic Khanda  consists of 3 objects …. 1.) A Solid Circle (Chakra) icon of “Ek Om Kar” the Oneness of God (without beginning or end, unity, justice & morality)
2.) The Two Interlocking Curved Swords (Kirpans) icons of spirituality in Gurus, (Left: Sovereignty, Right: Political).
3.) One Central Double-edged Sword (Khanda) …. Left edge: Divine Justice…. Right: Freedom & Authority …. There are believed to be about 30 million Sikhs on our shared Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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  QUESTION (1/1/11)

(Note #1: This page carries a "Health Warning" [please read the first paragraph before proceeding])

*Were our religious icons intergalactically sponsored???*
         & dare you accept that (even with no proven contraindications) … there exists a logical & mathematical possibility of …. “the world not actually being flatbut round” …  & if you do even mention this suspicion to your peers … you will almost certainly (as was Columbus in 1495) be “excommunicated” & henceforth labelled “a nonconformist hippie rebel from the dark ages” … So, you have been warned …. (Note #2: The relationship of how this *logic* relates to Darwin's Theory of Evolution [“all life is related & has descended from a common ancestor“] is as yet unresolved) ???

THE 4 BELLS LOCIC 1 of 4) of "The Art of Shen Ku" .... is that even the smallest of actions (or lack thereof, & either voluntary or involuntary) can & will result in from the smallest to the most profound of eventualities (either positive or negative) at some near or distant time (either before or after) in or at any &/or all location(s) (or galaxy(ies) or universe(s) or timewarp(s) or dimension(s) &/or combination(s) thereof) WHATSOEVER .... ("Simple enough for a child ....Too complex for a genius" .... & The First Intergalactic Artform of The ENTIRE Universe) ... Absolutely, unequivocally & specifically relevant to YOU



1.) Were/are our religious icons intergalacticrally sponsored … & is this question just too much for the human race to handle??? … Just as genetic manipulation &/or nuclear fusion were totally beyond our “caveman” ancestors …

2.) Was it thus necessary to “guide” our development (in the manner of a parent to their infant child), on terms (& icons) that would be understandable … & is this concept (as yet) too radical (too close to possibility) for the human race to accept???

3.) Is The Planet Earth  (even now) approaching the stage in it’s development (see  “8b. … A SCARY STORY … for any age)”when we must face the reality (or not) of “Father Christmas & the Tooth Fairy” … & how traumatic will this realization be when it is finally presented to us???

4.) Is the human race, (as our planet “careers” ever faster towards technological “enlightenment” ) …  being “led up the garden path” … or being “monitored” … or “chaperoned”… or dare I say it “bred” by an intergalactic entity??? … & is this concept just too immense & too mind bogglingly earth shattering to even contemplate (a self imposed protective mental block) as we squabble amongst ourselves & fiddle with our ipods … Until one day, our entire universe goes “pear shaped” … & we then wonder why this entire scenario was not suspected a thousand years ago???

5.) The question is not if our treasured religious & spiritual icons were/are real … The question is are/were we SO relatively primitive that an advanced intergalactic entity (logic would hold it [so far] to be positive) could/did influence the destiny of this/our planet from it’s earliest evidence of development potential (or before) by consecutively deliberate ethnically & geographically diverse iconic religious “insemination” over a “seemingly” random timeframe ???

6.) & therefore whilst the various & spiritually required treasures of “rebirth & eternal life” are most certainly not “impossible” (or even unlikely), as preconceived concepts of “certainty”  (as diagnosed by our “experts”)  are historically quite frequently later proven rubbish (ask Zeek about his eyes) …. &  childhood visions of  “Father Christmas & The Tooth Fairy”  may not be quite what we expect when they finally:- a.) arrive …, or b.) reveal themselves …. & will our variously cherished  religious icons actually turn out to be one entity .... & was/is that entity (who we did/&/or do call God) actually an intergalactic lifeform (in whatever physical/time  & or trans dimensional format) … In which case why have we been squabbling amongst ourselves like spoilt kids for 2,000 years???

The “Old Man” is not necessarily a man, nor old, nor on a “Dusty Road”  The Old Man  is actually "You &/or I", (or another being) .... On our/their journey …. BUT are we still missing some VITAL factor … that is actually right in front of us? .... “like a phantom in the mist".


The relevance  of INTERGALACTIC ART to Space & Religion

The Art of Shen Ku is The First Intergalactic Artform of The Entire Universe
[& is so registered © Zeek 2000] ) .... It is held to be a logic transferable & valid across ALL parameters of time, space & dimension) & is therefore a logically & ethically based medium of communication & commonality
inescapably relevant to ALL lifeforms .... TOTALLY irrespective of origin, age, physical or spiritual form (or lack thereof) .... from WHATEVER galaxy, universe, timewarp or dimension .... We are NOT talking here of a trifling communication potential with our ethnically, nationally or religiously "different" neighbour across the street ....
We are actually proposing ....


. IS this concept just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE in the Earth Year 2011 .... OR NOT ????

Statement of Religious Unity

on behalf of the Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy

          ALL our respected religions exampled above …. & ALL other religions (of positive belief) on this Planet Earth (in the Milky Way Galaxy) that have inexcusably  been omitted from this page (but not forgotten) would (& logically do) …. Welcome ANY peaceful non predatory intergalactic/trans universe &/or dimensional/timewarp visitors who, in persuit of universal understanding, see fit (& 100% inevitably WILL [& probably already have]) arrive(d) on this Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy to “sample” our traditional culture of hospitality …. which is (& I hope will not be forgotten) a basic courtesy of ALL our national. ethnic & religious heritages).
      BUT … in the event of any misunderstanding …. Zeek will (before or after death [click here]) be happy to act as an intermediary for the mutual benefit  of ALL concerned (on & off this planet).
 for your consideration of this situation
Signed Zeek (intergalactic dropout from The Planet Earth in The Miklky Way Galaxy)

The integrated intergalactically relevant symbolic representation of the combined logics of "The Art of Shen Ku" which are applicable across this & ALL other universes (& time warps) .... & relate sprcifically to the ethical & progressive behaviour of ALL lifeforms ANYWHERE.