Hypocrisy is the state of pretending &/or willfully attempting to deceive (an)other living being(s) that the hypocritical party has (usually) humane, virtuous, moral,  compassionate ethics &/or worthy religious principles that said party does not have or by evidence abide by.

          Hypocrisy can take many diverse forms, including immorality, elitism, fraud, discrimination & psychological &/or physical persecution of other living beings by single entities, religions, groups/companies, police/military, governments/monarchies &/or lackey designees thereof.




Blind Human Rights Activist  & Self Taught Lawyer Chen Guangcheng (& Wife) brutalized by Chinese State Thugs

BEIJING — emerging details relating to brutal detention of one of China’s most famous legal activists … Chen was released from jail after serving a 4+ year sentence for disturbing public order and destroying public property — (for uncovering forced state sterilizations & pregnancy abortions in the city of Linyi).

·       Since release Chen has been under house arrest (used by the Chinese state to silence dissidents. The Chinese State turned against him when he used the law to protest government abuse … Reporters trying to visit him were turned away by undercover police who encircled his home. Chen says his house arrest is punishment for defiantly continuing to speak out about official abuses, & that he and his family had suffered beatings and other brutal treatment.

·       Chen fled house arrest in Shandong province on April 22 with the help of supporters from under the noses of dozens of guards and subsequently recorded a video alleging abuses against him and his family.

·       Since then, Chen made it to the US Embassy, but the embassy & State Department officials in Washington refused to confirm or deny these (smart move)

·       Members of his family (some of those who helped him escape) have since then disappeared into Chinese custody other activists said.

·       The European Union Monday urged China to avoid "harassment" of his family and associates.

·       The sensitive situation came when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner came to Beijing for an annual round of wide-ranging talks on other unresolved China-US relationship

·       Beijing, May 17): Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng said Beijing has agreed to issue him a passport (within 15 days), which will allow him to go to the United States

      Zeek’s personal interpretation:- It appears that both President Obama & Hilary Clinton (& a few others) stuck their necks out in possible contradiction of their own  immediate national interests ... Well Done Guys , quite a brave move .... & finally we have to say (slightly reluctantly) Well Done Chinese Government "You did NOT lose face by letting Chen go .... Actually we all think MUCH better of you for doing that .... Thank You.



400 Children Killed in Syria .... Sleep Well & may our love go with you forever

·      More than 400 children have been killed in 11 months of violence in Syria with very many other reports of children arbitrarily arrested, tortured and sexually abused while in detention as reported by the United Nations Children's Fund

·      UNICEF also reported heavy shelling of civilian neighbourhoods by the Assad regime in the city of Homs was causing more suffering & deaths of more children."

·      Syrian rights groups say hundreds of people have been killed in Homs & its environs after government troops launched multiple massive assaults over the past few day.

·      According to rights groups over 6,000 people have died in Syria since the start of revolt against the Assad regime in mid March


 I Zeek am praying for your safe journey & happiness in another galaxy. 

  Syrian children slaughtered as regime unleashes 18-hour attack on town …United Nations peace monitors fail to stem violence as nearly 100 die in biggest mass killing for months

·      The uprising, now into its 15th month, has led to a steady collapse of stability in this iron-clad police state together with a rapid rise in violence, especially since opposition groups took up arms in large numbers last August.

·      Two UN observers who arrived in the central Syrian town of Houla  on Saturday to inspect the aftermath of an 18-hour regime assault, which activists claim has left 100+ people dead (most of them women & children).

Residents had been sending desperate pleas for international help as the Assad regime thugs & military encircled the town launching a full-scale heavy weopon assault including tanks. Activists and rights groups inside Syria claimed that at least 49 of the dead are children.

Zeek’s Personal Interpretation:  What in God’s name (ANY GOD) is being done to these poor kids??? My heart bleeds, bleeds for these innocent children murderously wiped out before their short lives have hardly started … What a TOTAL OUTRAGE & crying shame on this planet … No doubt “tarring” us all (to a degree) with the same brush in the perception of our trans-galactic, dimensional, time &/or universal observers.

           The UN is busy shuffling paper & the EU squabbling over who pays the bill … SO IT IS UP TO YOU, the USA, Russia & China, who are now the “big boys in this playground”  … So for God’s sake “pull your fingers out (excuse my French) & do something collectively that actually works to stop this massacre … PLEASE, put aside your petty differences & deport Assad & his murdering cronies to a very distant galaxy NOW... Thank You. 

           For the UK, PM David Cameron is not exactly Zeek’s best buddy ... BUT he did at least just ban the Assad Regime from visiting the London Olympics (a very very small but smart move). 



15th October 2012

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15th October 2012


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(Malala Yousufzai)


              The 14 year old Pakistani girl Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban for standing up for the rights of Pakistani girls to go to school !!!




             Can you (Taliban), not see that this girl (apart from being staggeringly brave & mature far beyond her years) is actually AN ANGEL in our & your time ... & at least deserves your pride, respect & doctrinal tolerance.


 1.) Well done the United Arab Emirates (for offering specialized medical transport to Malala [& family]) .... Thank You.


2.) Well done British Foreign Secretary William Hague (UK government got something right), who said " Malala Yousufzai would receive specialized care in a hospital in the country’s National Health Service system" ....Thank You from all sane people worldwide.


Zeek's Interpretation: Malala Yousufzai is quite clearly a treasure & we (as a planet) need to take VERY good care of our treasures Thank You ... Zeek










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